Wow, time flies! It's hard to believe I have been in London for 28 days and will leave tomorrow. I have seen and done so much it is unbelievable. Last night, Lauren, Kayla and I made a list of the final things we needed to do in London. So, we woke up early to start checking things off!

Our first adventure of the day was visiting the Tate Britain Museum. Kayla and Jennifer wanted to see the Tower of London so Lauren and I went to the Tate Britain Museum. Lauren and I first got lost on our way because we were walking in the opposite direction. It was a rainy groggy day that mirrored our bittersweet moods so it wasn't fun walking around lost. Once back on the right track, we found the museum pretty quickly. 

The Tate Britain is one of four Tate museums in the United Kingdom and it showcases art from the year 1500 to today. As we made a quick walk through, I noticed a few interesting pieces that really stood out. One was a glass rectangle set up like an investigation room; you know the ones you see on cops shows. Inside, there was a table, a pack of cigarettes, a full ashtray and a black rolling chair. This piece expressed the inability to escape. I found it very different from the paintings as it was a 3-D design, simple and open to interpretation. Another highlight of the Tate Britain was the William Blake exhibit. It was so neat to see Blake's Biblical watercolor paintings and the wooden engravings on paper were amazing. Blake's works were so beautifully crafted. 

Since we had a lot to knock out for the day, Lauren and I met Kayla and Jennifer by the Tower of London. As our Tube train pulled into the station, we found Kayla and Jennifer sitting on a bench waiting for us, so our timing was perfect. Once reunited we decided to grab some lunch before our next site. 

We found this little pub, nothing fancy, and enjoyed a break from the gloomy weather outside. Sitting in the quiet pub, we planned our next mission: walking down Abbey Road.

Abby Road was easily recognizable because it was the only intersection where people were walking across in fours and having their picture made. Our problem was finding someone to take our picture. I was a little paranoid about giving my camera to a complete stranger, so we stood on the side of the road scouting out someone who looked trustworthy. After watching people cross the road for about 10 minutes, I finally asked a lady to take our picture. It was so funny walking across the road like the Beatles because the cars would just stop and wait for you to pass while people on the sidewalks just watched waiting for their turn. Our first picture came out a little blurry because we rushed across the road before the camera lady was ready so we took a second shot. This one turned out much better. I was so happy we got to do this! I mean I couldn't go to London and not see Abbey Road.

Because it was a rainy day, we had deleted a few trips off our list. Jennifer decided to go back to the dorm and the rest of us took the Tube to Hampstead Heath to see poet John Keats' house. 

Walking for about three minutes we came to the iron gate of Keats' house. Hidden among the other houses, the house was quaint and peaceful with a garden.  First, we did a self-guided tour of the first floor and then we found the tour guide and he explained each room on the first floor. In this house, Keats wrote "Ode to Nightingale" and fell in love with Fanny Brawne. In one room, the chairs and pictures were hung just like they would have been when Keats was living there. Also on display was Keats mother's engagement ring that he gave to Fanny Brawne. In the basement, we found a rag rug that visitors could contribute to that would be added to the house once it was finished. Of course, we wanted to leave our mark so we tied fabric ribbons to the rug. There was a sign saying something about adding a signature so we thought we were supposed to write our names on the fabric. We all wrote our name and dates on a little fabric sliver and tied it to the rug. I then started looking at the other pieces and I didn't find any other ones that were signed, so I'm thinking we did it wrong. Anyway, we contributed to the Keats house.  

Our last stop of the day was for ice cream. We met Jennifer at the dorms and then the four of us walked to Iscoopz ice cream shop in Harrow. It took me forever to decide what kind of ice cream I wanted because they all sounded delicious. These weren't just your average ice cream scoops. No, they were waffle and ice cream sandwiches, huge sundaes, cakes and more. After taste-testing a few, I decided on a cookies-n-cream sundae. This thing was massive! When they brought it out, I didn't think I would be able to eat it all. One bite and my tastebuds were going crazy. Needless to say, after five minutes my bowl was empty. It was a sweet way to end the trip! 


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