Cell phones have changed us. We are so dependent on instant communication it is scary. Back home, I have my cell phone with me at all times. If I need to ask people  a question or find out where they are all I have to do is send them a text. It's that easy. In London, it's a different story. 

First, not everyone here as a phone with them. Most bought a pay-as-you-go phone with a United Kingdom number so those of us who brought our iPhone can't really call them without getting extra charges. My point to all of this? It has been challenging trying to coordinate with everyone. 

Today a group of us went back to Camden to do some more shopping. We had this plan that if we got separated while shopping to meet at the end of the street till the whole group got there. Sounds easy enough, right? Well Kayla was a super speedy shopper. I mean she would be finished with the whole street before we were finished with one booth. At one point, Kayla hopped over to the other side of the street and we lost her. Normally, I would have just called her, but like I said she didn't have a phone. So mother Kasi was panicking a little, but I finally spotted Kayla and the group reunited. 

I didn't do as much shopping today as I did the first time I went to Camden, but I still bought a few souvenirs. I felt a more comfortable with the bartering since it was my second time around.

For lunch, we went back to the food booths. I didn't have to translate this time, so that was nice. I actually branched out and tried something new. And for dessert I had these delicious Dutch pancakes with Nutella, powdered sugar and strawberries. 

After lunch we continued shopping in the horse stalls area. This time we all decided to split up instead of trying to stay together. We gave ourselves an hour to shop and then said we would meet where we ate.

I walked around with Kayla and Lauren. We found this futuristic rave store with neon tube clothes, robots and more. I felt like I was at some disco in like 3013. We also met this magician. We walked into this one shop and there was this guy doing card tricks for two girls. He would make the card disappear and he was hilarious. Vintage stores are everywhere in London, so we made a couple of stops here and there checking out the timeless styles. 

By 5 p.m. we were back on the Tube with bags in hand and sore feet. Our shopping wasn't over yet though. On our way back to the dorm we stopped to get groceries. It's never good to grocery shop when you are hungry or thirsty because you end up buying more than what you need. I was extremely thirsty so I ended up buying a lot of drinks. Finally, I went through my last checkout of the day and we all headed back to the dorms. It was another successful shopping day. 


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