So far Sunday has been my designated catch-up day. Last Sunday, I chilled and finished work and I did the same today. However, today my roommate Kayla and I went into hibernation mode. We stayed in our pajamas and dorm room all day. I think we had a minor case of cabin fever because as the day went on we got progressively more hyper and crazy. 

We needed today to sleep in since we were out all day yesterday. Needless to say we slept till 11 a.m. getting a total of 12 hours of sleep. 

We both had a lot of work to do so after breakfast we turned on our computers and got busy. We actually accomplished a lot. I updated the blog, finished some videos and wrote some articles while Kayla read, wrote some articles and finished a video. 

At around 5 p.m. we decided we needed a study break and watched a movie. Then we had a brave moment and ventured out of the dorm for dinner. So at 8 p.m. the normal time people are putting on their pajamas we were taking ours off and putting on real clothes. 

As we searched for food it became obvious that maybe we weren't supposed to leave the college today. First we stopped at a pub to eat but as we were looking over the menu the bartender came and told us the kitchen was closed. Okay, time to find another restaurant. We spotted a Pizza Hut and tried our luck there. At the door there was a worker who told us they were all out of dough. Can you believe that? A pizza shop out of dough! Since everything else was failing we resorted to good old McDonalds. I felt like I was back in the U.S. eating here, but at least it was food. 

By 9 p.m. we were back in our room and in our pajamas ready to finish working. Every now and then it is good to have a pajama day, even in London!



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