Lights, camera, action! Today my acting background came in handy as I became immersed in the live reenactment of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn as they plotted to marry in defiance of the Roman Catholic Church. 

The stage? Hampton Court Palace. Yes, this was my second visit to the palace and instead of roaming around on my own I became one of the ladies of the court gossiping with King Henry's sister, Mary. As Lauren, Kayla and I sat on plush royal cushions we listed to Mary tell us the latest palace gossip. In the middle of her hilarious stories, Anne Boleyn walked in ranting. Boleyn wanted Henry to finally leave Catherine (his wife) and make her his queen; moreover, she had been waiting five years and was becoming impatient. Boleyn threatened to leave the palace which was forbidden because in that time period one needed the King's permission to leave. As she conspired with us, Boleyn sought our counsel on her decision. Ultimately, she decided to flee the palace. Moments after her departure her brother George walked in looking for her because the King requested her presence. Upon learning of his sister’s leave, George and Mary brought all of the ladies to King Henry's secret council room. I was a little confused at first because we were all standing in a corner surrounded by walls. Then George did a secret knock on the wall that opened the panel. King Henry marched out his room and questioned us about Boleyn. King Henry was not a man you wanted on your bad side! The king then demanded Mary to take a few ladies and find Boleyn while the rest of us joined him and his men in the chamber. Here Henry ranted about women and their moods. Soon we followed him out to the courtyard to find Boleyn. With a deep growl, Henry yelled for Boleyn outside her windows, but she didn't answer. Finally the chase for Boleyn ended when the king found her atop the staircase. In front of all of the visitors, King Henry placed the queen's jewels around Boleyn's neck to prove he intended to make her marry her and make her queen. The crowd cheered on the king as he left the courtyard with Boleyn. Being immersed in the story literally made history come alive. It was so much fun. 

After the skit, Lauren, Kayla and I finished touring the palace. To give you an idea of how big the palace is just know I visited it two times for at least two hours each visit and I still didn't see all of it.

This time we viewed the kitchen which when in operation made over 1,200 meals a day. Now, I'm not one who is comfortable in a kitchen, but this place was massive. I'm not going to lie I was a little grossed out when we viewed the butcher area. Raw meat just isn’t my thing. 

Next, we toured the royal gardens and found our way to the once largest maze in the world. As we walked through the maze we were surrounded by green hedges which blocked our view. The whole time the three of us were laughing, dancing and stopping to take pictures; clearly not paying attention to where we were going. I don't know how we did it, but we found the center of the maze. Getting back out was the hard part. It actually took us longer to get out than it did to find the center. I think we were over thinking it.

Before leaving the palace we saw the worlds largest grapevine and shopped around the gift shop, as is the custom of all our trips. Then it was back on the train bound for Northwick Park. 

Today was proof that sometimes second is the best!


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