Getting in touch with my wild side was a priority today. I had been surrounded by buildings, museums and concrete for far too long; it was time for a change.

After class Kayla and I flocked to the ZSL London Zoo. We needed to take a bus to the zoo, so I was excited because I finally got to ride an iconic red double-decker bus. I can check that off my list now!

You would think that after two weeks our navigational skills would be top notch; but they aren't. After hopping off the bus, we landed in Regent's Park which is where the zoo was, but we couldn't find the zoo entrance. We found the exit and a zoo employee gave us directions to the entrance.

It was a perfect day. The sun was shining and a little of our Texas weather had come back so we weren't freezing.

Even London's Zoo is historical. It has been around since the American Civil War. I felt like I was back in second grade taking a field trip to the zoo with my class. I became fascinated with the animals wanting to know more about them and take lots of pictures. We probably looked like kids too oohing and awing over the sting rays, penguins, kangaroos and monkeys, but hey, we were having fun.

First, we ventured under the sea at the aquarium. Kayla is a fish fanatic so she was super excited. Then we journeyed into the rainforest. Captivity is a relative term at the London zoo. In many areas, the habitats are open for people to walk in with uncaged animals. In the rainforest habitat, for example, monkeys climbed right over our heads and would jump on the railing beside us. It was really awesome. There was also another "Meet the Monkeys" exhibit where people cold walk through bushes and have monkeys just climbing over them in the open. Monkeys are some of my favorite animals so these exhibits were my favorite part.

I haven't been to many zoos that showcase butterflies, but this one did. Just like with the monkeys, Kayla and I walked through a butterfly paradise full of vibrant flowers and butterflies. As I walked around, I kept my eyes open for these fluttering beauties. Here, we saw the butterfly life cycle and the largest moth I have ever seen.

Penguins were our next stop. Swimming in an open pool, the penguins looked adorable as they mingled with each other. Kayla and I mixed in with the children and families to get close to the tank.

We also visited the reptiles. At the Galapagos tortoise enclosure people really thought we were crazy because there were statues of the tortoise shells where kids could climb under to see life from inside a shell. Well, at first there was no one around so we decided to try and fit in the shell for a picture. I went in the shell just fine and got a picture, but as soon as Kayla got in a group of people came by laughing at us. It was hilarious. Kayla just stayed in the shell and I took her picture despite the crazy looks, stares and giggles.

Before leaving the zoo, we made a stop in Africa to see the giraffes and zebras. A high platform and low fence allowed us to get close to the giraffes.

Our day wasn't over yet. No, we decided to go have dinner in Camden since it was close. Kayla and I walked along the canal where we were almost ran over by cyclists going by; however, we had a great view of boathouses and musicians. It was a refreshing break from the crowded London streets.

This was my third trip to Camden and I have realized I love it there. I had another pineapple drink and a barbecue sandwich. It was really awesome because Kayla and I got a discount at the pineapple shop for no particular reason. Score! We ate by the river and I, of course, was people watching. The culture in Camden is contagious. People are relaxed, friendly, artsy and multicultural; I love it!

With our wild streak running low, we headed back to the dorm ready to nestle into our habitat and prepare for the rest of the week.


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