Today was our last day in Scotland. We woke up to another great breakfast at the guesthouse. It wasn't your traditional Scottish breakfast with black pudding, potato scones or porridge, but it was free and delicious.

Since we had to be out of our room by 10 a.m., we all packed our stuff right after breakfast. Some of us wanted to take the earliest train back to London since it was a four-hour ride, but Kayla, Lauren and I wanted to do a little more shopping before leaving Scotland so we decided to stay a while longer. Thankfully, we were allowed to leave our luggage at the guesthouse while we went shopping. This was a big help.

Leaving the guesthouse, we walked Jennifer to the train station and then headed to the Royal Mile for our last round of souvenir shopping.

It really didn't take us that long to find the gifts we wanted because we had already scouted out the Royal Mile our first day in Scotland. Kilts and cashmere were the big sellers, but I settled for a T-shirt.

Once we all had our souvenirs, we went to Princes Mall for lunch. Sorry to disappoint, but we all ate Subway sandwiches. Not very adventurous I know. We shopped around the mall on our way, but I didn't find anything I couldn't live without.

My final goal for Scotland was recording a bagpipe player and since today was my last chance to do this we went on a search for the musicians. They were actually easy to find, we just had to follow the music!

We found a musician on the street corner right outside the mall, so I whipped out my camera and began recording. Not only was this man talented, but he was in a kilt. After he finished playing, I went up and talked with him and took my picture with him (very touristy I know). He was actually really nice and thought I was from New Zealand. Funny thing is one of my best friends is from New Zealand and I lived with her all last year so maybe her accent is wearing off on me. Now I have been asked if I was French, Canadian and a New Zealander. Before leaving this man, Kayla and I square danced to the Scottish music. Yes, we were on a street corner where there was heavy foot traffic, but we didn't care. We were in Scotland!

We found another group of bagpipe players on our way to the bed and breakfast, so we stopped and I got some more footage.

After we picked up our luggage, we took a taxi to the train station and said our goodbyes to Scotland.

Most of the seats on the train were reserved so it was difficult finding a seat. We were lucky though and found three seats next to each other. The ride seemed a lot longer on the way back to London probably because we didn't have anything to look forward too.

Scotland was an extremely beautiful country and I will definitely go there again. 


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