Screaming sirens woke me up at 2 a.m. as something set off the fire alarm. Because I went to bed at 1 a.m. and was already in a deep sleep, I was really confused when my dream ended abruptly with a fire alarm jarring me from my bed. As I got out of bed I noticed through foggy vision, my roommate putting on a jacket and shoes. I thought that was probably a good idea so I did the same.

After I had proper clothing on, I followed the herd of sleepy students shuffling down the stairs like zombies. Even thought there was the possibility that there was actually a fire, we all just congregated in the dorm lobby waiting for someone to silence the madness.

Despite the fact that I was in a daze, confused, angry and tired, I did think the situation was slightly humorous. About 15 minutes after waiting in the freezing lobby, the security guards turned off the alarm and extinguished the rumors that there was a fire. Once back in my room, I passed out only to wake up a few hours later for class.

Today was my final class day and it was bittersweet. I have always been a big advocate of taking the summer off to relax, so taking summer classes this year was a big deal to me. I think being in London really helped me feel like I was on vacation while still studying.

After I wrote my final essay sentence, a wave of relief swept over me; my tests were done and now all I had to focus on was finishing my projects and enjoying my last few days in London.

Since I had a lot of catch-up work to do, I stayed in the dorm all day with Kayla. It was another hibernation day. I wrote, edited videos and updated the blog all day long. Of course, we did break every now and then for a mini dance party in our room to get some exercise! We even played trashcan basketball in an attempt to clean up a little and take a break from our work. Because it is the last week we are trying to eat all of our food; Kayla and I pigged out on Pringles, chocolate and fruit medleys. We also ordered a pizza online for dinner. This was my first time ordering online and when the deliveryman called Kayla he was basically yelling at her because he couldn't understand her. It was hilarious.

After we scarfed down our pizza, we finished our work and crashed. Hibernation can be strenuous. I think I'll be spending the next two days in the city!


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