I have realized that I'm a people person. I love people watching and in London people are everywhere.

Today, I walked around Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and Westminster with Sheila and Ashley. At each place, we met some interesting characters. In front of Big Ben we met a guard named Andy and, of course, we had our picture taken with him. Then at Piccadilly Circus we talked with a man playing the bagpipes and learned about his traditional Scottish dress. At Westminster Abbey we chatted with two hilarious guards. Then in an awkward situation we took a picture with a royal horse guard in his red uniform; he didn't say one word to us! But we were having a blast. 

Trafalgar Square is a local and tourist hang out spot. From its beautiful sculptures and fountain to the National Art Gallery, Trafalgar Square hums with a unique culture. It was a sunny day and perfect for sitting by the fountain and taking tons of pictures. The three of us girls tried to climb up this statue for a picture like some of the others on the square, but let me tell you this was easier said than done. For me, being 5' 1" and all, this was somewhat of a task. Sheila had to basically pull me up and two ladies had to catch me as I tried to get down. It was a sight to see. It was amazing seeing so many people from so many different cultures gathered together in one area each with their own unique story and perspective on life. I loved just pausing for a minute and looking out at the life around me, soaking in the beauty of humanity. 

Before leaving Trafalgar Square, we walked through the National Art Gallery. I stood in awe at the detail, craftsmanship and beauty of the paintings housed there. 

Dinner was also somewhat of a cultural experience. After searching for food for a while, we decided to try this Italian restaurant. So get this, we were eating real Italian food in London while listening to Shakira music. Talk about globalization!

One thing I am truly enjoying about this trip is meeting people, especially the other students who are here studying with me. Back in Nacogdoches, I would have never met any of them because we all have our different majors and our paths never really cross. I am thankful that this experience has already opened the doors to new friendships...and it's only the first week!



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