Did the Roman's wear Nikes?

I might not have been wearing the right pair of shoes, but today I walked on the same stone floors of the Roman Bath House that Romans walked thousands of years ago. While I flashed my neon Nike tennis shoes, I made my way to the bath just like the Romans did; seeing the temple of Sulis Minerva and drinking healing water from the spring. Yes, I actually drank water from a spring and let me tell you I wouldn't do it again. It tasted disgusting!

Touring the Roman Bath House in Bath with my Arthurian Romance class was a great experience. I am fascinated with the Roman culture and this historic site is an amazing find. It was buried for thousands of years and now holds artifacts that tell of an ancient time. Statues, coins and interactive exhibits helped bring Rome back to life. 

I sometimes complain about taking a shower, but taking a bath in Roman times was sometimes an all day event! There were several rooms that bath visitors would walk through before they made it to the actual bath. Each room would increase in heat. In one room you would get a massage with olive oil that would pull all of the dirt out of your pores. Next, you would go into another room and scrape off your filth. Finally, you could enter the bath and relax and mingle with your friends. 

We had a tour guide who took us to all the main parts of the bathhouse so we didn't see all of it. I could have stayed there for hours. 

After touring the bathhouse, we headed to The Raven pub for lunch. I am a picky eater so it has been hard for me to find food I actually like, but at the Raven I ate a chicken pie that was delicious! 

After I gobbled down my lunch, I headed with the class to Bath Abbey for a tour. This abbey was beautiful with its high ceilings, extravagant stained glass and history. Seeing the ground floor of the abbey was just the beginning. Our class took the tower tour so we climbed up 212 narrow, dark steps up to the tower lookout point and clock tower. As we climbed we made a couple of stops. First, at the clock and bell towers. Our tour guides explained how the bell ringers used to pull ropes to ring the bells and even gave us a demonstration. Today there is a machine that rings the bells. 

We walked through a tiny doorway to get to the clock tower. This room was so small and before lights a man would have to sit up there for 12 hours a day lighting the clock with a lantern so the town could see the time. Mind you this room had no air conditioning! 

Once we got to the top of the tower we had a spectacular view of Bath. The town looked like a small Lego village with red busses moving along the streets and people wandering in and out of the shops. We paused there for a minute taking pictures and just watching the world below us and then we made our way back down those treacherous stairs. 

Next, we walked to the Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath. This building was started in 1767 by John Wood and it took eight years to complete. 

On our way out of Bath we stopped at The Fashion Museum. Dresses from the Victorian era to the 21st century were on display. I have always loved fashion from different eras so this place was right up my alley. As I walked through the museum I listened to my audio guide and learned who wore some of the displayed dresses, who designed them and a little history about the style. I even got to try on a Victorian dress with the corset, petticoat and bonnet! It was so cool because I have always wanted to wear one of these dresses. So I can check that off the bucket list! Jack (one of the male students) got in touch with his feminine side as he tried on a Victorian dress too! It was hilarious seeing him dance around in this huge dress. Definitely a great experience.

No trip is complete without stopping for a snack before the ride home. So we stopped at this cute little cupcake shop for some sweet treats and then we were homeward bound. 


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