You know the saying "Shop till you drop?" Well today we did just that. 

At around 10 a.m. four of us took the Tube to Camden, a quirky little town with a market much like New York's Chinatown. 

Our shopping spree began with a mini-disaster as we tried to get cash out of an ATM. When Jennifer tried her card the machine ate and destroyed it. So, we spent the next ten minutes talking with the bank trying to figure out what had happened. Basically, there was nothing the bank could do. 

Next, we shopped at some actual stores. Then we made our way down the street stopping at booths along the way. We found one booth playing LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" with a bunch of flashing lights, so we were immediately intrigued. Once we entered the shop we climbed down a stairwell into a dark room that had shirts with lights on them that were activated by sound. It was pretty awesome. 

We quickly learned how to bargain with the shop owners to get the best price on some neat gifts. Making our way through the market we saw everything from vintage shops to punk-gothic stores. 

For lunch, we stumbled upon an outdoor food market that had all these little food booths set up. This was perfect for us because each of us got the food we wanted.

It has surprised me how much I have used Spanish on this trip. But then again being so close to Spain it makes sense. As I was in line for a BBQ sandwich, I noticed the lady in front of me was having a hard time ordering. I looked at her for a minute and then she asked me "Comprendes?" Which is Spanish for "Do you understand?" I told her I spoke a little Spanish and then she spat off this whole story and in my head I was saying, "Slow down! I don't speak Spanish that well." I ended up helping her a little and then went to order a drink. All four of us ordered piña colada because you could drink them out of a pineapple, which was so cool to me. 

After lunch we wandered down to another part of the market that was enclosed in a building like Canton's First Monday. These unique shops sold all types of things from vintage suitcases to leather journals and of course quirky souvenirs. 

By the time we were done shopping, we all had our hands full with bags. 

As we took the Tube home, we got separated because the train doors were closing on me before I could make it in. So Charoltte and I were stuck on our own. It ended up being good though because we decided to go have pizza for dinner and went to a fresh fruit market before heading back to the dorms. 

Before we headed to bed, we met up with Lauren and watched a dark comedy in Charoltte's room. I was scared at first because I hate scary movies, but it was actually hilarious. By midnight I dropped dead asleep in my room!


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