Ahh, Sunday...my day to relax and sleep in. Waking up at 10 a.m. felt great today. I was exhausted from the past week and just needed a little chill time. So, today Lauren and I hit the park. 

People here love their parks. I have yet to see a park that is not bustling with people reading, playing soccer or riding bikes. And their parks are green! 

Despite the chilly weather, Lauren and I brought our homework to study in Hyde Park. I felt like some kind of land surveyor because we walked around searching for that perfect spot to call ours and we eventually found it right by some trees. But first we walked through the rose garden where pink, blue, purple, red and yellow flowers bloomed in a beautiful array. Then we stumbled upon a huge weeping willow tree that created this hut-type fort. Of course, we went inside. I felt like I was in the little Keebler elf cookie house. Around me a circle of green leaves sheltered me from the outside creating a mystical environment. 

Once we settled into our spot and began to study it was so peaceful. I would break from my work every now and then to just watch the people around me. I told you I love to people-watch! 

Right in front of me I noticed this couple on the bench. The man was talking to the lady while she was sitting on the bench and he was on the ground. They were talking for a while and then I thought, "Is he proposing?" I got Lauren's attention so now we were both being creepers watching this couple. And sure enough, he pulled out a ring! I was almost crying. It was so adorable.

Soon my hands were numb from the cold, so we decided to try and find some hot chocolate. In June? Yes, we had hot chocolate in June! 

Being in an unfamiliar area we had to walk awhile to find some place to eat. Plus we were in a ritzy part of town with all the high end shops so it was hard finding a cheap cafe. I think we walked about 10 blocks until we came to the Royal Albert Hall. This place was great. In the back, it had a little cafe with free Wi-Fi and amazing hot chocolate. Could it get any better? 

I've never really been the kind to sit in a cafe and study, but today I really enjoyed it. 


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